Premier Tax and Finance’s Entrepreneurial Success Plan allows you to concentrate on your company’s operations, leaving the administrative hassles for us. Participation in the program will:

  • Lower your Tax Burden.
  • Ensure Compliance with California’s Complex Employee Rules.
  • Understand your Business’s Results.
  • Improve Overall Cashflow
  • Provide for Retirement – Accumulate over $1.5 million over 25 years.

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Premier Tax and Finance, Inc. services entrepreneurs and individuals alike. With over 20 Years of experience in Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Tax Preparation & Planning and Corporate Structuring, we are the trusted advisor to CEOs and owners of a multitude of business types. We serve startups to multimillion-dollar companies, in addition to individuals starting their first job to those that have been around the job market for some time.

We specialize in providing year-round support to our clients such as Individual & Corporate Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping & Accounting Review, Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis, Form Filing to All Tax Authorities, and Individual and Business Consultations. We operate on a per hour or monthly fee basis whatever best suits your needs.

Tax Preparation

These days, individuals and small businesses use a professional tax preparer to assist with the preparation of taxes. Even if you are just filing a simple return, the rules may change from year to year and it is easy to overlook these changes and submit an incorrect return. By doing your taxes yourself, you may also end up overlooking deductions and credits. At Premier Tax & Finance, we have the expertise that is needed to help you file your returns while also helping you to minimize your tax liability with careful planning.

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Tax Representation

Premier Tax & Finance, Inc. in Thousand Oaks, CA is here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through. Our tax resolution specialists pride ourselves on being very efficient, affordable, and, of course, extremely discrete. We can help you with IRS tax problems such as wage garnishments, bank levies, threatening letters, IRS audit notifications, and more.Read More

Financial Reporting

As a business owner, you have to wear a lot of different hats, and some of them fit better than others. Many entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with their bookkeeping responsibilities. They don’t have the time, or the knowledge, or they simply don’t enjoy it. At Premier Tax & Finance, Inc., our bookkeeping services make it possible for you to spend your time where it’s best spent – on your areas of expertise and interest. We have experience in serving a wide range of industries and business models, including restaurant, health care, real estate, entertainment, and insurance.

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Financial Planning

Hiring a professional on a part-time basis offers an excellent alternative. Outsourcing CFO services gives you the ability to get the guidance you need on developing plans that will make your company profitable and provide you with financial management leadership without having to pay a full time salary and benefits. Premier Tax & Finance, Inc. is available to help your business in exactly this way. Based in Thousand Oaks, Premier Tax & Finance, Inc. can help you build a plan for your future, protecting your as-sets while at the same time creating long-term goals designed for success.

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Business Services

Owning and operating your own business is a dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs, but the reality of running a business can quickly squash the initial thrill. Making sure that you are well equipped to manage all aspects of running a business is the key to success, while failure to do so is a recipe for disaster. Our entity formation services will provide you with a strategy that will give you a plan for the future that lays out a long view, providing a methodical approach that protects your dream and avoids the mistakes that many make.

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Planning Services

Tax planning is essential to helping you successfully and legally reduce your tax liabilities. In addition to making sure that your business is tax compliant, our tax professionals also can suggest tax saving strategies that will maximize your after-tax income. We offer tax and education planning to assist start-ups, as well as, established businesses. We will provide you with a complete list of the most commonly overlooked deductions so that you can limit your tax liability for the following year.Read More
Customers Paying Late? How to Create Statements

Customers Paying Late? How to Create Statements

After the year-plus you’ve just experienced, the last thing your small business needs is customers who are behind on their payments to you. You may have been giving them a break because you know that they’re struggling, too, but things have been looking up for many companies in the past few months. It’s time for you to be more proactive about calling in your debts

Entrepreneur Success Story: How Canva Reached a $15 Billion Evaluation and Made Its Young Founders Billionaires

Entrepreneur Success Story: How Canva Reached a $15 Billion Evaluation and Made Its Young Founders Billionaires

A big part of this has to do with the way that the human brain works. According to one recent study, when people hear information, they generally only remember about 10% of what they’re exposed to. If that information is paired with relevant visuals – be it in the form of a video or even static content like a photo or infographic – they remember 65% of it on average. All told, it’s estimated that between 51% and 80% of all businesses in every industry will rely heavily on visual content in 2021 – a trend that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accounting

Are accounting chores preventing you from focusing on your business?
If you are struggling with keeping up with the bookkeeping tasks for your business, you need to hire a professional. If you cannot afford the services of a full-time accountant but would enjoy the expertise that comes along with one, Premier Tax & Finance, Inc. can help.

How Can You Save a Business After the Owner Dies?

How Can You Save a Business After the Owner Dies?

If the business was established as a partnership and the surviving partner has equity in the business, then a buy-sell agreement can provide a quick solution, particularly if there is an insurance policy that’s been set up specifically to facilitate the buyout. Those who worked with an experienced attorney or accountant when setting the business up generally have the good fortune of having a plan in place whether there’s a partnership or not, but that is not always the case.

Barry Peters

Barry A. Peters is the Managing Director of Premier Tax & Finance, providing tax and financial management services to start-ups, small businesses and individuals. PTF has a strong staff with experienced bookkeepers, tax preparers and administrators.

Peters began his career as a Corporate Internal Auditor for billion-dollar companies such as United Technologies, Quaker Oats, TransAmerica & Rheem Mfg. This is where he developed his internal control expertise, analytical skills and general accounting knowledge.

Peters has been preparing taxes since he received his CPA in 1984. Until 2014, tax accounting was a secondary service in that working as a startup CFO was top priority, leaving little time available for tax preparation. In 2014 the focus of the company shifted to tax preparation and representation. Peters obtained his Enrolled Agent (EA) designation from the IRS so that people from all states can be served. As a result, the company changed its name from Premier Financial Management to Premier Tax and Finance to reflect the emphasis on tax. Peters has served as Managing Director of Premier Tax and Finance since 2010.

General Beauregard

The friendly and loving pup who works hard to help the Premier Tax & Finance team “sniff out” the best deductions for your return! You can rest assured knowing General Beauregard is on the job. He loves greeting and meeting with clients in our office, or making guest appearances over Zoom calls.