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Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Preparing and planning for taxes is often a stressful and complicated endeavor for most people.

Preparing your own tax return can be extremely difficult with the constant changes to the tax code which often leave you with more questions than answers.

These days, individuals and small businesses use a professional tax preparer to assist with the preparation of taxes. Even if you are just filing a simple return, the rules may change from year to year and it is easy to overlook these changes and submit an incorrect return. By doing your taxes yourself, you may also end up overlooking deductions and credits.

At Premier Tax & Finance, we have the expertise that is needed to help you file your returns while also helping you to minimize your tax liability with careful planning.

Our Tax Preparation services include:

  • Individual Tax Preparation

  • Business Tax Return Preparation

  • Estate Tax Return Preparation

  • Partnership & Corporate Tax Preparation

  • Estate and Succession Planning

  • Out-of-State Returns

  • Business Start-Ups

Tax Planning & Education 
Tax planning is essential to helping you successfully and legally reduce your tax burden. In addition to making sure that your business is tax compliant, our tax professionals also can suggest tax saving strategies that will maximize your after-tax income.

We offer tax and education planning to assist start-ups, as well as, established businesses. We will provide you with a complete list of the most commonly overlooked deductions so that you can limit your tax liability for the following year.

We’ll also assist you with tax planning by:

  • helping you to defer income so that you can save money now and pay less taxes in the future

  • lower taxes on your income so that you can keep more of your earnings

  • lower taxes on your estate and gifts so that the beneficiaries can keep more of what you have given

  • lower taxes on investments and retirement distributions so that you can maintain your lifestyle and much more.

If you own a small business or need help with individual taxes, working with a professional tax planning service can help save you more money. Premier Tax & Finance, Inc. offers the expertise that you need to save on your taxes at affordable prices.

We had a client whose employer company experienced a data breach. He was extremely concerned that his tax return would be compromised. He brought in his W-2 form to Premier Tax and Finance at 9:00pm and we were able to e-file his return the same day of the data breach so that his information would not be susceptible to identity theft.

We’ve helped several small businesses keep more of their income by evaluating the correct entity type for that entrepreneur’s needs.

Tax Resources
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