Happy New Year 2021!


Welcome to PART 2 of our New Year 2021 announcement! In this we will be going over the Improved PTF Client Portal available through Canopy.


Improved Client Portal

We have improved our Client Portal system to be more user friendly and robust than our previous portal (SecureFilePro).

The new PTF Client Portal through Canopy will be your central hub and will allow:

*Prepare your Digital Tax Organizer

*Upload and View your Tax Documents

*Complete Requests for Missing Documents

*View and Approve your Client Copy

*Ask Questions regarding your Tax Return or other Requests

*Electronically Sign your Authorization Documents


To access your portal at any time, please save or bookmark the log-in link here: https://premiertaxandfinance.clientportal.com/


We are inviting all of our clients to the client portal automatically this year, so you will be receiving an email invitation soon. ***PLEASE NOTE* That as of January 20th we have not sent out invitations to all clients yet, they will automatically be sent out with your Tax Organizers in the coming weeks. If you would like to access the client portal right away, please send an email to [email protected] requesting access. Thank you for your patience & understanding as we transition to this new system.** If you need help accessing your portal, please contact our office or email [email protected] and we will get you set up.


The new log-in screen to the improved PTF Client Portal.

Upload and access your documents in the “Files” section after you log-in.

Use the “Requests” page to complete requests for information from our office.

Overview of the process to view and approve your client copy through the client portal.

More detailed information about the Digital Tax Organizer coming next! You can also view all of this information at any time on our website in the Blog “Resources” section.